In parallel with the trajectories of many burgeoning photographers, Bruce's journey unfolded from a hobby to a fervent passion, ultimately evolving into a distinguished professional career. As his photographic acumen matured, Bruce found his creative spark ignited by reportage and photojournalism.

Following an enriching sixteen-year tenure at Southam Press, where he honed his skills as a photojournalist, Bruce embarked on a new chapter in the spring of 1984, transitioning into a rewarding career as a contract photographer.

Armed with a robust foundation in both photojournalism and corporate photography, Bruce seamlessly transitioned into the world of "unit photography (stills)" for major American film studios and television productions spanning the breadth of Canada and the United States.

With an impressive portfolio encompassing over 235 feature films, television movies, and TV series, coupled with his extensive experience capturing corporate luminaries during his tenure at Southam Press, Bruce's work has graced the covers of over 100 magazines.

While Bruce's unwavering devotion to photojournalism remains the cornerstone of his artistic ethos, propelling him on assignments across the globe, his primary focus has remained within the spheres of Canadian and American entertainment.

Rooted in a photography style that celebrates humanity, Bruce masterfully immortalizes ephemeral moments and narratives, elevating his camera beyond a mere instrument to a conduit of evocative storytelling.